Apr 9, 2012

He's not just anyone. . . HE'S MY SON!

I recently had to get a new smart phone.  As I was cleaning off the old and transferring my files onto the new I came across this song. . . . HE'S MY SON. . .
Last year I was really struggling as a parent. I've never parented teenagerd before, and was really struggling with it and with this child in particular. I was constantly praying, crying, and doing everything I could possibly think of, as his mother, to do. It hurt so much to watch as bad decisions were made. 
There were times when I wished I could trade places with this child (at least until the teenage years are over). In the wee hours of the morning, when I couldn't sleep with worry, I would watch my child sleep, and remember the sweet little child from long ago. . .I had such high hopes and dreams for this chid's future.

Nothing was working. It seemed my prayers were going unanswered, and many "support" people were beginning to  judge and give up.  I felt all alone in this 'battle'.  It was tough!!!

One day, while I was looking for another song by Dallyn Vail Bayles, I ran across this one (it's on the same album). The words pierced my heart. It perfectly fit how I was feeling.
I'm happy to report that Heavenly Father did hear my prayers (all of them).  He was just waiting for the right time to answer them.  I, we, needed to grow first.  And Grow we did!

The version I have of He's My Son can be found on Dallyn Vail Bayles' album Prayer, if anyone is interested.