Apr 3, 2012


well at least the gift part did. 
 When Clint decided to go back to school almost 2 years the whole family stepped up to make it happen.  It only seemed fitting that everyone should be rewarded for Clint's graduation.  What's more rewarding than a 4-wheeler?  NOT MUCH! 
Here's how the surprise went down. .  . .

I (with a lot of help) have been looking for a 4-wheeler since Feb.  Nothing, nothing, nothing until this last Wed when my neighbor just happened to look on KSL and saw an ad for 2- '06 Honda Rancher's blah blah blah (whatever the engine size, etc is) for an amazing price (did I mention the price was amazing?).  Our neighbors bought one and we bought the other.  I have the best neighbors ever!!!  Brak took time off work to pick them up (2+ hours away).  When they got home with them, after a 5 hour trip, he totally cleaned and shined Clint's up.  Denise went and bought a card and some balloons.  When everything was ready, Brak asked Clint if he would come over and help him move something.  The timing was perfect because Clint had spent ALL day working on a school project. . . Once Clint was there, he was handed his card.  In the card, was the key to the 4-wheeler and words, "education is the KEY to your future".  (Thanks Denise for signing my name and all the mussy stuff you made up and wrote down too.  It was perfect.)  Needless to say, Clint was very confused.  He couldn't figure out why he was getting a card, when he was just there to help move something.  He finally had enough sense to ask, "What does this key go to?"  Brak said, "Well, let me show you. .. . " and he pulled open the patio door curtain (I was filmng) and TA-DA, there it was!  Operation Graduation was a success! 

When the shock wore off he was excited.  He couldn't believe I had made a BIG purchase like that without first discussing it with him (I couldn't either.  Clint does the finances.  I just know when it comes in and how to use my debit card to take it out. In fact, I had to call my mom to ask her how to withdrawal the cash from our checking account -embarrassing.)  It was perfect.  He loves it and so do the kids.  As for me, I still haven't gotten a turn driving it yet :(  . . . .. maybe tomorrow when everyone is at work and school!