Apr 24, 2012

Fat = Happy

I recently read a study that says "there is scientific evidence that women are happier when they are heavier."  Dr. James Watson did research on how size and body image affect one's happiness.  His findings made me happy!  He says it can be scientifically proven that women are genetically disposed to be more content when they put on weight.  The levels of the chemicals which produce happiness are increased when women reach a certain weight.  Dr. Watson said that his study of chemicals that the body produces has led him to conclude that extra fat has the effect of boosting endorphins--the body's natural mood-lilting chemicals--.  In thin people, the opposite effect was observed. Less fat led to the brain receiving fewer endorphins.
If this is the case, why are women in America Starving themselves to be thin?  I'll tell you why. . . MEDIA! 
Last weekend I was shown a  slide show on yahoo.  It had side-by-side photos of a celebrity's original photo and then the touched up image we see in the magazines.  I was taken back by how many pounds, flaws, and cellulite were removed from the original photo.  No wonder we have a problem with body image!  We think we need to try to be perfect when perfect doesn't really exist. 

Why can't we go back to this:
 A skinny woman of the 1950's.  Notice their thighs touch, and their stomachs aren't pancake flat.
Instead of this:
A skinny woman of today! 

No wonder women have a problem with their body image!!! 
Let's lose the desire to be model-thin, and just be happy being our healthy "fat" selves!!