Mar 9, 2012

We interrupt Friday's HOW PINTERESTING for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. . . .

Today my FAVORITE sister turns 29 (again)!!!!

Here are a few things about Aunt Kim. . .

1.  She is the best Aunt EVER!!!!   She has always been a second mom to my kids.  They love her tons, and so do I. 
Here she is with #2, #3, and #1 at #1's Kindergarten Graduation (she has been at every event).
To take a wedding picture with them, Yep, she loves my kids!!!
 Disneyland April 2010!
all my kids friends call her Aunt Kim too.  She's the best!!!

2. She hates being called Kim!  'Kim is a boy's name!  My name is Kimberlee, not KIM!!!!'.  The only exception is if you call her Aunt Kim!

3.  She's beautiful inside and out!

4.  She was born 16 months and 6 days after me.  We have been best friends ever since.

Me, Mom, and Aunt Kim at Brunch at the Grand America, years ago,on her 30th birthday
 (yes I'm packing around my nursing body from #6)

5. She is the best mom to two little boys. I want to be just like her.

Kim with her oldest when he was about 2.