Mar 20, 2012


One of my Facebook friends wrote the following status.  It's awesome!  She says:

"I've been working on attitude, right? Why is it when you do that, the crap hits the fan and it becomes more of a challenge? People tend to "poop" on you just to see what kind of attitude you're gonna have. So, I decided to turn it around and think of it this way.   ---  Farmers use manure to fertilize their crops, and that "poop" activates growth. When I let someone put their doubts, fears, and negativity on me, I can lay that crap on top of my soil of faith and allow it to activate my growth. Pessimists create a subtle negative energy that once mixed with positive energies activates growth. That is because positive energy is like a light and when light meets darkness, negative energy dissipates. "Light always overshadows darkness"'s a challenge but the ABC's of an Abundant Life are: Attitude, Belief and Courage. I'm still here and having a wonderful time of growth and joy."

Isn't that a great way to think of it?