Mar 27, 2012

I'm grateful to be a MOTHER!

and to have experienced the baby belly 6 times!  I hate being pregnant but love me a baby belly!!!   Some days I'm sad my pregnancy/baby days are over & I wish I could go back to being pregnant with number one again, and other days I'm grateful that my Empty-Nester years are getting closer and closer.  :)

To go back to when #1 was this age. . . instead of. . . .
almost 16!!!!! (WHAT?)
and my sweet #2 who use to stick her bum in the air when she was mad. .  .
and chunky #5 
#4 round face and all 
 and to go back to when #3 was super blonde and his spike would lay down. . . .
and Sweet fat-cheeked #6
who grew up way too fast.   In fact, they all did.