Feb 1, 2012


Since our family has chosen SERVICE as our monthly 'I'M TRYING TO BE LIKE JESUS' focus (more about that later), I was excited to see that Jocelyn over at beinglds.blogspot.com has also dedicated the month of February to serving others.  She calls it her SERVICE BOOT CAMP and is enlisting everyone to join her. 
She has some really great ideas on her blog (one of my very favorites to stalk), including an awesome idea from Dana Storrs that she is doing with her Ward YW's Group - -thank you Dana. 

Here are a few ideas of what I plan to do:
Collect change in a jar and donate it to charity. Similar to Christmas Jars

Write a nice comment to the author(s) of a blog I follow letting them know how much I appreciate reading their blog.

Compliment 5 people on their facebook wall

Write an heartfelt note to the manager of a local business telling about a friendly employee

Deliver handmade Valentine’s to a nursing home

Send a Candy Gram to the secretaries at my kids' schools

Smile at everyone I see today

Purge from my personal “library” and donate to a library in need

Heart Attack someone who could really use some attention

Bring in someone’s empty Garbage Can(s)

Write letters to soldiers or missionaries

Send a letter to someone I admire, thanking them for their example

Make a treat for someone and secretly drop it off on their door step

Do a family member's chore for them

Serve someone that has passed on by going to the temple

Make Thank You notes and drop them off at the Fire Station (all of our firefighters are volunteers)

Make someone’s bed for them

Give a Thank-You gift to my children’s teacher(s)-don’t forget their church teachers, and
yours . . .
Compliment and acknowledge the million things my husband does
I came up with the ideas for this list from  my own ideas, ideas from Dana Storrs list, and other things I've seen online that I've linked to.

So what about you?  Are you in?

Don't forget to enter the give-away. . .