Feb 23, 2012

Did you know. . .

there is a NEW For the Strength of Youth (FSOY)Booklet? 

My Young Men and Young Woman brought theirs home a few weeks ago.  It is awsome!!!  A lot of material in the updated version of FSOY is the same as before, but some additions have been added, including a new cover (of course). Nearly every section has been expanded by a paragraph or more, for example:

In the “Music and Dancing” section, for instance, youth receive this counsel: “Keep your music at a reasonable volume, and remove your earphones when others are talking to you or want you to be part of their activities.”

Another comes from the section “Sexual Purity.” It counsels youth to “avoid situations that invite increased temptation, such as late-night or overnight activities away from home or activities where there is a lack of adult supervision.”  Such as Playing Co-Ed Night Games in a dark, unlit park (just a "random" example)!
There’s even a brand new section—“Work and Self-Reliance.”
LDS Living had an article spotlighting some of the old FSOY booklets. It was fun to see some of the counsels given back in the 60's when the First Edition came out.
(1965-1972)Seven editions of the pamphlet were published.  A lot of the guidance in these editions was geared towards propriety and acceptable behaviors. There was even a “Good Grooming,” section that counsled youth, “Not only should clothes be clean, but nails, skin, and hair should have the glow of health that bespeaks meticulous care in grooming.”  (Would our youth of today even understand what bespeaks and meticulous mean?)  Youth were also reminded that “it is not polite to run in and out of motel or hotel rooms late at night, making a disturbance which keeps other guests awake.” (PHEW!!! I'm glad that was covered!!!)
There was also a section titled “‘Grubbies,’ Curlers, Hair Fashions,” girls were counseled not to leave the house in their “grubbies.” The next sentence states: “A ‘real lady’ does not go out in public, to the market, or to shops with her hair curlers.”  (Maybe they could bring this section back but change it to say, "A 'real lady' or a 'real man' does not go out in public, to school, to Walmart, or to the mall in their Pajamas!" . . . . .just a thought.)
This is the FSOY I had as a youth.

Even though there's a new FSOY, the principles have remained consistent. “The standards have not changed, but times have changed,” said Elaine S. Dalton, current Young Women general president. “For the Strength of Youth has been revised to address the issues youth face today—to teach them the doctrine behind the standards and the promised blessings of obedience.”