Feb 27, 2012

10th Birthday Celebration

Finally getting around to blogging about #4's birthday! 

#4 decided he wanted to go to a Nickel Arcade to celebrate. He invited only one friend, and that friend's brother (who happens to be friends with #3).  Clint had school (only 2 more months left! YES!!) that night so he came as soon as he was done.  Auntie Kim and her two boys as well as Uncle Steve (who works at the Arcade) also partied with us.  We played laser tag, ate pizza, and played arcade games.  It was a blast!!!! 
Instead of a traditional birthday cake, we had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting (so much easier, and less messy).  Recipe here.

 Gift Giving was really easy.  All #4 asked for was a 'nice' basketball and the XBox 360 game Cars 2. 
 Grandpa also joined us for cake when Clint got done with school.

 At the end of the night everyone was happy, including me because:

1.  I didn't have to clean up anything, and

2.  party gifts were provided through the tickets everyone was able to cash in prizes and candy.