Jan 19, 2012

Scriptures and Star Wars?

I am not really a big Star Wars fan (I know, I know).  AND Yes, I've seen the movies, once, long, long ago when they first came out. (I can't help it, I'm more the Romantic Comedy type).  I recently stumbled upon this fun acronym for studying the scriptures.  C3PO.  And even though I don't really like Star Wars, I thought this was cool.  Here's how it works:
C= commitment
Make a commitment about when and where and for how long you will study.
P= prayer
Pray before you read and as you read.  "Heavenly Father, help me understand the messages that are meant for me.  Help me know the truth of these things. . . ."
P= pencil
Mark the scriptures as you read.  Turn them into a treasure map so that you can return at appropriate times to review the things you have learned.  Take notes and record insights in your scripture journals.
P= ponder
Take time to think about what you have read and to ask yourself some questions:  Why is this account or story or verse or word in the book?  Why was this included?  What does it mean to me?
O= obey
Do the things the scriptures and the Spirit teach you to do.

I saw this idea here.