Jan 2, 2012

New Year. New Me?

What is my goal for this year 2012? 

Ignore the Bad, Praise the Good.

This goes for everything and everyone.  I want to ignore the bad things my children do, and really praise them on all the good things they do.  That I've come to believe is the way to get them to obey, and become really great positive adults.  Don't you like praise better than critisism?  I know I do.

This also goes for me.  Ignore the things I don't like about myself, and praise myself for all the good things I do.

Everyone and every situation has good in it, no matter how terrible it may seem.  My goal this year is to recognize the good, and turn my focus away from the negative and onto the positive.

p.s.- I decided to start the new year off right, and went running this morning.  Laughed the whole time as I listened to the Weird Al Yankovic station on Pandora.  Can't wait for my kids to listen, they love dumb humor like that.  ;)