Jan 31, 2012


Remember all the awesome things from THE POWER OF MOMS I shared yesterday? Well, right now I am focusing on getting organized using their Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M) Program. 

Do you struggle to juggle everything you need and want to do each day?  Want to clear your mind so you can have fun with your kids and stop thinking (& worrying) about what else you need to do?  The M.O.M. program is designed to help you accomplish your most important tasks so you can fully enjoy your family.  M.O.M. will show you how to clear your counter(s)of “the pile,” organize projects without the stress, set up an effective Weekly Review system, and keep up with the never-ending stream of emails, phone calls, and papers (INCREDIBLE, isn't it?!). 

Life can be hectic (some days out of control!!). There's always have so much to do. . .school, work, Church callings, housework, hobbies activities, and any number of other things that creep into our lives and claim our time. It’s no wonder that so many of us feel stressed.  This program will teach you how to prioritize and focus on the most important things so you can eliminate the stress and worry and easily juggle you're To-Do list.
The Power of Moms is giving you the chance to Win a copy of their Mind Organization for Moms (or M.O.M) Program!!!

To ENTER, leave a comment (including your email address) telling me:
-what would you most like to get organized and why, OR what you find the most difficult about getting and staying organized.

BONUS ENTRIES: (leave a separate comment for each bonus entry)
1. Join the Power of Moms
2. Blog, Facebook,Tweet, or Google+ about this give-away, sharing a link back to here.

The Winner will be chosen at Random.org Sunday, February 5th, 2012 at 11:59 pm MST

The Power of Moms gave me a free M.O.M. copy and one to give away.