Jan 24, 2012

Don't Forget to LOOK UP!

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Have you ever had one of those days?  Today I woke up to things really not going my way. Just silly things really. . . I wasn't feeling well.  My favorite cereal was all gone.  Someone (who shall remain nameles5) spilled their full cup of chocolate milk.  My younger kids were fighting, then whining, then fighting again.  I'd had enough!  So I left, locked myself in my bedroom, and cried, then prayed and cried to Heavenly Father.  I felt a little better.  Not much later I was reminded of this video:
And that Bad days, and things, and experiences are part of God's plan for me, for us.  They can be a "Beautiful Heartbreak" if we allow them to.  I remember hearing a true story about the Prophet Joseph Smith.  He was given the privilege of seeing some of his apostles (who at the time were serving missions outside the country).  They were having a bad day too, and were pleading with Heaven for some relief.  What the Prophet witnessed, that they didn't, was that the Savior was right above them, crying with them.  He felt their pain, and He was there to help them, if only they would 'LOOK UP'. 

Remember the talk from last conference where Elder Carl B. Cook said this, "encouragement to LOOK UP is a metaphor for remembering Christ. As we remember Him and trust in His power, we receive strength through His Atonement. It is the means whereby we can be relieved of our anxieties, our burdens, and our suffering."

So the next time YOU or I have a bad day, or an experience that breaks our heart and makes us cry and want to give up and just crawl back in bed, let us remember to LOOK UP, and turn to our Savior.  Let the power of His Atonement relieve our sadness, our pains, our burdens.