Jan 20, 2012

Disneyland Trip (part 5)

Disney's California Adventure
Day two was spent at Disney's California Adventure park. The older kids like this park better.  The only bummer was Grizzly Rapids ride was closed.  So sad. :(

1. Grandpa took #5 & #6 on a little date to ride the rides in Bug's Life world
2. Little Mermaid ride (Gram held Clint's hand the entire ride. .. ahhh How Sweet)
3. #5 mesmorized by our Under the Sea Adventure
4. #6 hanging in the stroller and super cute in pigtails (which she pulled out, see photo 7).
5. My cute little nephew watching for everyone to pass by on the Roller Coaster
6. Awesome Bro-in-law, Uncle S. with #5 and #6.
7. Riding Heimlich's Chew Chew Train is #2 & 6 (& let's not forget Baby that she carried around all day), grandpa, grandma, and uncle S.

What exciting ride did sweet little 88 year old Gram D go on this day, you ask?  I think this photo says it all. . . .

Oh yeah, the Tower of Terror Baby!  Clint says his leg is still sore from where Gram D was squeezing it on this ride. BaWaHAHA HAHA!  Love it!!!