Jan 13, 2012

Disneyland Trip 2011 (part 1)

Have I ever mentioned before that I have the greatest sister and brother-in-law?  Well, I do.  They take such good care of our "little" (I mean BIG) family.  They love my kids like their own, and are always taking them out and spending special aunt & uncle/niece & nephew time together.  This year they went above and beyond their normal spoilings.  Instead of a normal birthday gift, they tookeveryone to Disneyland for their birthday.  It was the biggest and best Birthday party ever!  Let me share . . . .

We left early afternoon, Sunday November 6th, for the 6 hour drive to VEGAS BABY!  I got to ride ALL ALONE with my dad and Grandma for 3 hours.  NO KIDS!!!  (That was nice.)
Once arriving in Las Vegas all we had time for was a fast-food dinner (Arby's & Jack-in-the-Box) and Bed.    The next morning we had a disgusting free continental breakfast of "fake" instant oatmeal, and white bread toast.  After repacking the cars, and filling out the "What could we do Better" hotel survey cards (have a better breakfast, of couse),

 took a tour of this little historic site:

No star sightings, DARN!  (at least not here. . .)  TO BE CONTINUED