Jan 18, 2012

Disneyland (part 4)

Our first official day at the Disneyland Resort, we spent at Disneyland.  It was all decorated for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.  We had fun hanging out with each other and of course riding the rides.  Gram even went on Space Mountain.  WOW!  That was fun (I sat next to her for that one). Above is just a sprinkling of pictures from our day. From top to bottom and left to right.

First row- The whole gang minus (grandma and me)
#3 and #4 in line at the Buzz Lightyear ride
Second row- Grandma (my mom) looking for Nemo on the finding Nemo ride. 
Gram D, Grandpa (my dad), half of #1, and #2 and #3 in the background just doing what you do best at Disneyland. . . waiting in line.
Bottom row- Sleeping Beauty's Castles all decked out with Christmas decorations and Snow.
#6 with Clint, still looking for Nemo. . .

When we go on vacation to Disneyland, we bring food to make our own lunches plus extra so we have lots of snacks (don't want anyone getting grumpy from hunger).  This saves us tons of $$$.  Just in case you didn't know the food at the Park is expensive, especially for a large family like ours.  Everyone makes their own lunch complete with tons of snack food and we backpack it into the park.
Here's #2, Clint, and #4 driving Autotopia Baby!