Jan 17, 2012

Disneyland (part 3)

I have the funniest husband (at least he thinks he is). He loves to joke and tease. It's how he expresses his love.  If he likes you, prepare to get teased.  :)

Gram (being 88 years young) brought a sunction-on handicap rail to help her in and out of the shower.  My dad put it up on the shower wall for her, it fell off.  In comes my honey to save the day.  Clint puts it up and it stays, that is until later when Gram goes to pull herself up from the bath.  *CRASH*  She called it a piece of (bad word) and threw it in the garbage.  MyMan being the trickster he is, snuck Gram's rail out of the can and wrapped it up.  She about died laughing (no pun intended) when she opened her present to find the handicap rail she had thrown away. 

 Grandma and her "NEW" handicap rail
#2 showing off her cute new shoes.