Jan 23, 2012

Disney Trip Conclusion (aren't you glad?)

Day 3 of our 3-day trip to the Disneyland Resort was crazy, busy. Everyone was at the Parks for the Holiday kick-off. Lines were long. . . we were tired (too much walking. Did I mention we walked from our hotel to the resort and then back again each day? (1 mile/each way)). . . but it was still a super fun day. We hit everyone's favorite rides one last time, and splurged on ice cream and corndogs (yum!). We went to both Disneyland and California Adventure this day. Here are a few of my favorite photos from day 3:

 The lady that made it all happen.  My awesome sister, Aunt K.  Isn't she beautiful?
 Cheesey, I know. . . #3
 Bonding with Grandpa, #5
 While we were waiting and watching for this, a woman stepped right in front of Gram D, who was stuck in her wheelchair.  Gram D used her cane, to tap the lady on the shoulder ( I was embarrassed Gram was hitting with her cane), and then asked if she would please move over. The lady didn't. She just turned back around and stayed right where she was.  RUDE! 
 In front of Grizzly Falls
Here they come.  Can you spot anyone familiar?
We saw lots of celebrities, and even took our picture with some. (I love how my nephew is holding the princess' hand.)