Jan 26, 2012

Dear Teenager,

I am not your friend, I am your parent! I will Stalk you, Flip out on you, Lecture you, Drive you insane, Be your Worst Nightmare and Hunt you DOWN when needed (you better believe it!).

Do you ever have Fights disagreements with your teens?  Please tell me I'm not the only one? For example. . .say you really don't like long hair on your teenage boy because you think it looks sloppy, unkempt, and people often mistake him as homeless.  But (for some strange reason) he loves it, thinks it's hot, cool, etc, whatever (insert eye roll here)!, and can't be happy unless his hair is over his ears, past the collar, and long enough over his eyes, that if you look VERY closely (and I mean very closely) you just might get a peek of an eyeball or two (AS IF!). 

And I'm sure none of your teens have Selective Hearing?  For example they hear "yes, you can go to your friends" but for some reason (still unknown to man) they don't hear the "but you need to be home by 5:00" part.

As hard as it is to be the parent of a teen or (gasp!) multiple teens at the same time, and no matter how much hair I you we pull out (ours not theirs) or the hours of sleep they cause us to lose, the love we (their parents) have for them will never change.

I pray my kids know my love for them is unconditional, and what I am 'forced' as their parent to do (that always seems to embarrasses them, make them mad, or even worse, cry) is all a part of that unconditional love.

Because I love you.  When you understand that I know you are a responsible adult (even if it takes until you're 35).  YOu will NEVER find someone who Loves, Prays, Cares, and Worries for you MORE THAN ME (your mother).