Apr 19, 2011


Yes that was the question I overheard #5 ask her little sister, #6.  Where does she come up with these things? 
The past several weeks we have been cleaning out my Gram's house in order to make room for my parents to move in with her.  She is still in a Rehab facility re cooperating from a January knee surgery and torn ligaments from a fall right after her surgery.  She is expected to be released the first week or so of May!  WOW!!!!  Her insurance company did a "Dependency Test" on her, and she failed, which means that she is not capable of living on her own any more.  My parents have graciously offered to give up their home and move in with her permanently to take care of her.  WHAT GREAT PARENTS!!!!
Gram has lots of nice things that she loves, but unfortunately there isn't room for all of her stuff and my parents stuff too.  So we are packing up the things she doesn't need, and putting them into a storage unit.  The home is getting new carpet and flooring, to make it safer for her to get around. By the way- pulling up carpet staples is NOT a fun job!  My parents are paying the grandkids $.05 for each staple they pull up.  Most all the kids are at $10 and that was just after a couple hours of working.  They might just change their minds when it comes time to pay out. 
While going through her things, it's brought back a lot of fun memories. . . when we would visit Gram, my sister and I use to always sleep in a room with two twin beds.  One bed had new sheets and the other bed had old sheets that had little fabric balls on it we use to call boogers.  It was always funny when I got the good bed and my sister got the Booger Sheets.  How we hated those booger sheets. 
Or going through Grams 4 clothes closets (yes she saves everything), and playing dress up with our little brother, Willie.  He looked just dashing in the chiffon skirt and sparkled blouse with matching high heels we'd pick out for him (yes we were very loving sisters). 
Gram with #5