Aug 6, 2010

No time to Post

I realize it's been a few weeks since my last post. Things have been crazy (as always, thus the name of this blog).
#3, 4, and 5 took swimming lessons. Spicy #5's teacher dumped water over her head (just playing with her)and made her MAD!!!! Plus all 3 year olds (potty-trained or not) were required to wear a swim diaper and plastic pants, something Miss Spicy did NOT want to do because it made her swimming suit "so not cute anymore". So long story short, #3 and #4 took swimming lessons, and #5 got her money back and will try next year.

Have you ever worked super hard and long at something only to have it fail? Rachael's been working on two HUGE, time consuming projects, that she hopes will be successful, and is hoping they won't be a flop like her last huge project did. (Too bad I can't foresee the future.)Ahhhhh!!!!! I guess if she grows during the process it's not a failure. Alright enough boobing.

#2 is getting ready to leave for a 5 day Girl's Camp with our church. She's super excited. (I know a couple little sisters and one mommy that are going to miss her like crazy.)

We (I should say my parents and my sister) have been cleaning out my GG's house. It was full of crap and other disgusting things that I won't mention. There have been 5 Yard Sales, several trips to PAWN and Antique shops, KSL and Ebay Sales, and there is still a TON of stuff left. There will be a garage sale each Sat this month, and I think after that, everything will be donated to Charity. I have been up there helping as much as I can, but with 6 kids and gas prices the way they are, I'm sad to say, it's not as much as I'd like (can you tell I'm feeling guilty?)

Summer Vacation is almost over. 3 weeks until school starts. Where did the Summer go?