Jun 25, 2010

Transformers and Dog Poo

Last Saturday, Clint and I drove past our sweet little Comfort Inn on the way out of town to see this Bad Boy Semi getting tons and I means TONS of attention.

There were tons of people taking pictures, Kids were being held up by their parents to peek inside, women were weeping, and men were giving high fives (Ok, not really, but almost!) We couldn't figure out why there was so much excitement over a flamed semi. We figured it must just be a "small" town thing. Today I sat down to read our "small" town newspaper and low and behold there on the front page was that blasted Flamed Semi. The article began "Unbeknowest to most of [our town] we were actually being protected by the famed Transformers. yes, I said THE TRANSFORMERS!" ha ha --So that's what all the hoopla was about.

Since our family doesn't like Dog Poo in their Brownies, we decided a long long time (about 14 years) ago that we would stay away from PG13's. Thus we had no idea about Optimus Prime and his so-called powers!!!! We just thought it was a "Small" town thing that we didn't understand. :) Ok, so I apologize for judging my small town peeps. . .for now anyway.