Jun 14, 2010


My dad (holding baby Kaitlyn)
Yesterday Clint and I came home to these after a long afternoon of meetings after church. Chef Mason had been making his specialty again. The delicious smell took me back to my childhood days. Every Sunday, from as far back as I can remember, someone would always make a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies. Sometimes we'd eat them all, and sometimes we'd share them and take a plateful to a neighbor or someone in our church. (A few times I even took some to Clint!) Mostly dad, would just eat the dough. Dad still loves chocolate chip cookies. Mom makes a double batch for him every week. Not sure if dad still snacks on the dough, but I do know that he now breaks up his cookies into little pieces and drops them in a glass of milk (lactose free, mind you) and eats them with a spoon.
Nothing says loving like warm cookies from the oven!

HAPPY FLAG DAY & Anniversary to Nate & Nicole!