Jun 8, 2010

Love Letter

To my "scout camp-ing" sweetheart,

While you are away wrestling bears, and teaching boys (including ours) how to do MANly things, I'm sitting at home thinking of you. If only Scout Camp could be for the whole family (although you know how much I hate to camp- but if it meant being with you, I'd do it.)

Today, our sweet little daughter #5 decided to be a big helper by locking ALL the doors to our borrowed van in order to keep Little Sister from getting in the car. That would have been so sweet of her if only the keys to that said van weren't in the ignition, now locked in the car.

Needless to say, I left Helper and her little sister at home with our Awesome older kids while I spent an hour of ME time making the drive to Provo and back to get a spare key. By the time I returned both Helper, little sister, and most of our Awesome older kids were asleep! YES!!!!

I miss you- Oh how I wish it were Saturday.

Love, Rach