Jun 16, 2010

A Look into

Life at the Ball Park . . .

from left to right, top to bottom
1. The proud Grandpa
2. Poor Grandma being stuffed in the car as we made our way to the next game of the night. Before we could even get the car in reverse, she was yelling at us to "Open the door! I'm getting a stomach cramp." Must be hard being so tall (I wounldn't know)
3. Grandpa stuffed in the car. (Hey! I offered to let them drive. . . )
4. Pres rolling (sommersaulting) down the hill.
5. KC at bat
6. KC's fan club
7. KT with Auntie Kim
8. Blakers rolled down the hill right into Pres (if he'd been bowling it would have been a strike).
9. The proud Grandma