Sep 14, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Of course we went to the Onion Day's Parade. We sat with the Petersen's and Kim and Preston. Here we are just playing a little Uno while we wait for it to start. Kami's covering her ears because the fire trucks just came by with the siren's on. She hates loud noises.
Mason's making out a list of what he plans to do with his B-day Money!
We had a good time! No rain this year. :)
Later that afternoon we borrowed our neighbors canoe and went canoeing on Payson Lake.

Blake getting ready to go out!
Kaitlyn wouldn't stay out of the dirt! She kept wanting to climb over the 3 ft. drop ledge.
Preston playing in the lake.
Kami and Kaitlyn had fun playing in the water too.
Mason and Kelsey waiting their turn.
Aunt Kim on baby watch!
Now it's finally her turn to take the canoe out on the lake.
Just trying to keep Kate contained! She was eating everything! YUCK!