Sep 14, 2009

August in a Nutshell

Kaitlyn turned 11 months old!

Kami loves to play in the Acura. She can get in it by herself. We have to remember to lock the doors!
Kami is also into dress-up and playing princess, especially if she can get big sister, Kelsey to play with her.

We cleaned out our shed. We took a whole car full (I'm talking the Expedition with no seats in it) of crap to D.I. AND another car full and trailer full to the dump. Where did all this stuff accumulate from?
We hiked the Grotto with Deborah and Karl.

Kami thought she was a big as the rest of them.

Help! We've also got a two-year old into nail painting. She wants to paint not only hers, but everyone elses!
The Grotto Falls
The boys are into ping-pong ball fights. A neighbor gave us a HUGE box full (we're talking 1,000's) of ping-pong balls.
Kelsey at Kami's Beauty Salon