May 15, 2009


My apologies for lack of posting. . . . Life has just been plain busy. It seems like this time of year, there is always a lot going on, especially with our kids and school. And Clint was called as Scout Master, which adds to the busy-ness!!!! So, here's the last month-more or less- in the life of our CRAZY and BUSY Family. :)
Kaitlyn turned 7 months (she'll be 8 months on Mon, but that's for another post). She has 4 teeth, with more coming in every day. She's sitting and working really hard on crawling. She can turn around in a full circle while lying on her tummy, but can't quite get any distance yet. She loves to sit and play with anything and everything. She also LOVES to clap. Anytime she hears music or someone says YEA! she'll clap. It's very cute.

Mason had a bad bike accident and got some nasty road-rash. No stitches though because there wasn't any skin there to stitch together. So, I guess that's good ? ? ? !

I cut Kami's hair. No more baby hair. :( I got tired of combing out the rats nest every morning. Hopefully it will grow in thicker and less tangley (if that's even a word). She looks super cute. Kami is quite the talker. We've had more people tell us lately that they can't believe how well she talks (and talks and talks).

Kelsey had her 5th grade Wax Museum. Each student did a report on a state and then they had to dress up like someone famous from their state. Kelsey's state was Tennessee (her birth place-of course) and she dressed up like the Famous Dolly Parton. We called her our FLAT DOLLY. HEE HEE
And then there was also Easter. Here we are dying eggs, which we always do (What's Easter without dying eggs?) even though the Easter Bunny hides candy-filled plastic eggs. . .