Jan 5, 2009


Our kids are constantly cooking these things. Some like them just with cheese, others like to add ham, pickles, and mustard.
Here are the directions "out of the mouth of our babes":
Casadilla (like how they spell it?)
Turn knob to 6. Put dough on pan. Wait until little bubbles, then flip it over, add cheese. Wait until the edges are melted, then turn knob to 6, and put ham on. Wait like 10 seconds, take dough off pan onto wood (we have a wood cutting board). Then add mustard and pickles, if needed. :)

On New Year's Eve we had The Johnson's over and Blake (age 6) was making these for their kids. What a way to Impress your friends.

These are the only tortillas that are allowed in our house! The other kind just can't compare to these. BTW-We buy these at Sam's Club.