Dec 31, 2008


Kami is quite spunky today with her punked-out pig tails. She's at that age where almost everything she does, naughty or good, is super funny. For instance:
I was nursing Kaitlyn when in comes Kami and Clint. "heh-do Tate-tin" (hello Kaitlyn Kami style). Kaitlyn immediately starts screaming mad! (Now Kaitlyn is usually very easy-going, but for some reason this interruption of her quiet one-on-one time with mommy just ticked her off.) Clint laughs. . . .Kami says it again. Kaitlyn gets madder and won't nurse. I finally get her calmed down and back to eating, all the while Clint is cracking up. Kami, seeing how hilarious her daddy thinks she is, does it again. . . "heh-do Tate-tin". Of Course, more screaming from Kaitlyn. It took me a good 5 minutes after I kicked those two comedians out of the room to convince Kaitlyn to calm down!
We sure think you're super cute, Kami, even when you torment your sister just for a laugh. :)