Dec 28, 2008

Kaitlyn's Blessing--FINALLY!

I didn't do very good on the picture taking. I remembered to take one of Kaitlyn in her dress, but I'm wishing I had taken one of her with her daddy and of course, one with both Clint and I. Dang it!
We knew that all of Clint's family would be here for Clint's little sister's wedding, this is why we waited so long to bless Kaitlyn.
Gotta have the shoes!
Gram D, and Rachael's cousin, Theresa
No that's not a mountain man standing by Rachael's dad, that's her cousin, Lynn.

Clint with Kami and Stephen and Leslie's beautiful baby, Haley.

We chose to have dinner afterwards at the church. So much easier. More room for everyone and less to clean. :)
Nicole, and Clint's 2 brothers, Nathan and Stephen.