Dec 22, 2008


Oh yes! The brawl that begins and ends with a prayer! An experience that is hard to understand unless you've watched or participated in the combat. . . I mean the game.Mason scored the first basket of the season. A very exciting feat given that he's the shortest one on his team (make that the shortest one period) and has never played a game before in his life! Too bad his dad was out of town on his hunting trip for this game. . . . . .
Speaking of Clint. . . he's the coach, of course, and has been for the last 5 years or so.
Blake, Cory, and Kelsey love going to all the games. They're great cheerleaders, especially when I'm busy with the babies.
Go Payson 2nd Ward! Mason's last game was on Thurs. They ended up losing, making just 2 total losses for the season. Not bad! Now it's off to the the play-offs.
CHURCH BALL. . . .Gotta Love it!