Nov 20, 2008

Here are a few pics from Gina's Bridal Shower

Gina's family has a tradition of giving the bride and groom their temple ceremonial clothes.
I thought that was pretty cool! BTW- what's up with the sunglasses on top of Gina's head? This shower was at night!
Check Spelling Here's Gina and one of her nieces playing the he says, she says game. If you've never played this before, you've never been to a bridal shower. . :) The groom answers a bunch of questions (who will do the cooking, favorite restaurants, first kiss, etc) and the bride has to try to guess what his answer will be and what her answer is.
This is my cousin Deana, my cousin Theresa (they're from Midway/Heber), and of course, my sissy, Kimberlee.
Kelsey with my mom
That HUNK is Dan! hee hee
Here is my Dad's mom (we call her GG, short for great grandma) holding Kaitlyn, her 90+ old sister, my aunt Chloe, another cousin Rebecca, and my dad's sister, (also my aunt) Deanna! They also live in Midway/Heber. It was fun to see everyone.