Oct 17, 2008

HOLY COW. . . .the rate we're going, this could be us!

A few years ago I watched a TLC special on this family. In my "spare time", I recently turned on the tv and there they were again. . . now as a regular series.

This is crazy . . . first off the dad's name is JIM BOB (which has me seriously thinking of calling Clint- Clint BOB), and secondly all 17 (soon to be 18) of their kids names start with J. Wow! I bet they really get all their kids mixed up.. . "James, I mean Johnny, I mean Johanna. . . ."

Check it out. I'm totally fascinated. How can a one woman handle being pregnant this many times and then having enough sanity to be a good mom to all of them. She also home schools. CRAZY!!!!

The Duggars are Evangelical Christians who follow in the Baptist tradition.
Jim Bob has worked in real estate as an agent and investor for over 25 years. The family also owns a cell phone tower.
Jim Bob is a former two-term Arkansas State Representative.
Michelle’s been pregnant for 135 months of her life.
Average number of months between Duggar births is 18.
Estimated number of Duggar diapers to date is 90,000.
The Duggars do approximately 200 loads of laundry each month.
The Duggars feed their entire brood for less than $2,000 per month.
The only person in the Duggar family whose name doesn’t start with "J" is Mom — Michelle.
Every Duggar child learns to play both violin and piano.
The family organizes their household chores by assigning "jurisdictions," so everyone knows exactly what their daily responsibilities are.
The Duggars estimate all the family members combined have worked approximately 39,000 total hours building their new house.
The Duggars are debt free.

Want to see more? Go to: http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/17-kids-and-counting/duggar-family.html