Jun 9, 2008


If you know what NKOTB stands for you must be as dorky as I was. Remember this. ---Nathan, (yes, my bro-in-law)don't be embarrassed, but I remember listening to NKOTB in your Bug. Now Girls, weren't they dreamy? Which one were you going to marry? Mine was Donny. I have my mom looking for a picture of me standing in front of my 100's of NKOTB posters. If she finds one I'll post it. They covered the walls in my room. I was just a little obsessed. I was so bummed when they came to concert and I didn't get to go. They sold out too fast, just like the Hanna Montana concerts of today. But now I can finally pick up the pieces of my shattered heart because my second chance has come. . . .
"New Kids On The Block — five now fully-grown men who forever defined what the modern boy band would look and sound like — are back together for the very first time in nearly a decade and a half, and currently hard at work on their first new album since 1994."

AND they're coming to concert at the E Center (in SLC) Nov. 15th. (Just as a side note: NKTOB tickets are $20 more than tickets to The Cure! CRAZY! Are they really worth $50 for a nosebleed?) Do you think these now Old Men on the Block have still got "The Right Stuff"? Is it time to download a little NKOTB to your ipod? . . . . I'm thinking NO!