Jun 6, 2008

Family Update

So many people have wondered what are families are up to. So, I decided to quick summerize what everyone is up to. Ready? Here it goes.
Clint's Family
His parents, Terry and Betty - They now live in Glenwood Springs, CO. Terry is CFO at Aspen, CO hospital, and Betty is busy being the fabulous person she is, and also the ward Primary Pres. They only have one kid (Russell) at home, believe it or not!
Lisa & Brady- They live in Draper, UT. And have 2 cute little red-headed boys, Caleb 3 and Colby who was born Dec 2007. Lisa is a full-time mom and Brady is a lawyer.
Nathan & Nicole- They live is Salt Lake City, UT up on the East Bench. Nate works for North Monson CO, where he designs systems for huge factories. Nicole is a very busy mom of 3 adorable boys, Jake 6, Josh 4, and their newest Sam who was born Feb 2008.
Stephen & Leslie- They live in Atlanta, GA. And just had their first baby girl, Haley born Jun 2008. Steve does information system stuff for companies, and Leslie is enjoying being at home with the new baby and being close to her family (3 hours away in Columbia, TN).
Scott & Corinne- They live in Lehi, UT. Scott is a computer technichian, which is so great when we have a computer problem. And Corinne is a nanny for 2 kids who's mom recently passes away. They have no children yet, but need to hurry if they want to keep up with the rest of us. :)
Kevin- Kevin lives in SLC, UT in an apartment with some of his buddies from Nashville. He works with Nathan, but on the construction side of things. He's super buff, and I'm sure a chick magnet.
Deborah- Deborah just finished her first year at BYU. She has a serious boyfriend, Carl. They've been seeing each since Dec 2007. According to BYU standards, they should be married and expecting by now. :)
Russell- The only one living at home, Russell will be a Junior. Just 2 more years and he'll be leaving the nest. He's super tall and on the b-ball team at school.
Rachael's Family
Her parents, Charles & Patti- They live in Provo, Ut just up from the temple. Charles is a drug monitoring supervisor ( I'm sure it has a title. . .I just don't know it). His company is in charge of getting doctors to test new drugs so they can be approved by the FDA. He's over the employees that find the doctors and make sure the testing is accurate, etc. Patti, is a Tax E.A. (enrolled agent- she can represent you in place of a lawyer in front of the IRS.) She works out of home. (She goes to your house to do your taxes.) She's doing well, and did a TON of returns this last year. They team-teach a Sunday School class.
Kimberlee & Steve- They live in Taylorsville, UT (in SLC). They have a sweet little boy, Preston, they were able to adopt as a 2-day old Dec 2006. He's only 7 weeks older than Kami. Steve is in an Arcade Partnership with his family, so he works at an arcade 5 days a week. Kim works part-time at a pediatric billing office.
Will- Will is living the single life again. He lives in Springville, UT (outside of Provo). He works for FedEx as a courrier. He's taking his last class and will officially graduate from UVSC this summer. YEA!!!! He hopes to find a job in the hospitality industry.
Dan- Dan still lives at home. He is going to Electrician Journeyman School at UVSC. He also works part-time doing electical work for a construction co. He has a pretty serious girlfriend, Gina, who we all like A LOT!!!!! She's almost done with Cosmetology School (Paul Mitchell). Finally I'll have someone to take care of my greys. :)