Jun 25, 2008


Our friend Gaven and Kristi bought/did trade work for? a nicely used boat last Friday, and invited us to spend Saturday out on the lake with them. We went to Mona Lake in Mona, UT of course! It's a smaller lake, and the water was super clear and warm. We were one of the only 3 boats out, which was awesome! The above picture is of Brindon (Hope I spelled his name right) one of Gaven & Kristi's twins and Blake.

By the way, Clint was in charge of the picture taking. . . I think that says it all! Micah, and Collin (Gaven's brothers) along with Brindon (I think) are modeling our beach spot!

When the kids weren't on the boat, they were on the Launch Pod, water trampoline & slide. Here we have Mason and his friend Conner Peterson on the slide, and Blake is jumping. The other little boy is the son of some more friends that were with us.

Mason and his friend Conner Tubing!

Question, how many people does it take to load up a boat? hee hee