May 22, 2008

Blake's Kindergarten Graduation

How sad is it when your kids grow up before your eyes. Blake had his Kindergarten Graduation today. It seems like just yesterday (not 5 years ago) that we were going to Mason's.
All 3 Kindergarten classes performed a cute little program complete with CAP and GOWN. A slide presentation that told all about Kindergarten along with a few songs in between was nice and short and fun to watch. Blake could be heard loud and clear, and he did all the actions to the songs. He wasn't embarrassed in front of the crowd :)
Now he's offically on his way to 1st Grade. In the next blink of an eye, he'll be graduating from High School. Why didn't I listen to all the old ladies that told me "They grow up so fast, enjoy every moment." {Probably because I had kids coming out of my ears. . . . .anyway} They were so right.