Mar 1, 2018

Tournament Time

 The regular basketball season has come to an end.
Both Cory and Blake's team finished in the top.
We're now playing in the area tournament against all the nearby city teams.
We're two games in. Cory's team is moving on to the semi-finals.

Blake's team just barely lost in over-time.

Blake's been on fire! He scored four 3's during his last game.
These tournament games have been intense, super close games. I've already bitten off all my nails.

Feb 28, 2018

The End of an Era

Cory's team played back-to-back games last Friday-the Semi-finals and the Finals. 
It was intense. Sometimes we were down, sometimes we were ahead. Mostly it was neck and neck, basket for basket up until the very end when both times, Cory's team was able to pull ahead and the opposing team missed.
Talk about a nail-biter!  And after two games, my nerves were shot. 
During the middle of the semi-final game, Cory's wrist got stuck between two players and was bent all the way back. *OUCH!*
(You can see him nursing it in the photo above.)
Right before the final game, the sweetest lady, who just happened to work for an orthopedic surgeon came out of nowhere, checked it to make sure it wasn't broken (which it wasn't), and taped it up for him; and he was able to play.  
It didn't dawn on me until we got home that this is Cory's last game, and the last time he will probably play with this group of boys. This team has been together since they were in the 8th grade.
It was bitter-sweet. I'm so glad they ended by winning it all!

My parents drove down for most of the tournament games. It was so fun to have them there for Cory's last and final game. They leave in a few days for another LDS mission. We're really going to miss them.

Feb 26, 2018


Last week I opened the door to this.
I knew it was a dance invite for one of the boys. But the question was, which one?
I did what any good mom would do. I made them open it together. 

It was for Cory. 
Bag #1 was some candy and a bunch of different letters that once unscrambled spelled out
What do you prefer?

Inside bags 2-5 were two different yet similar things for him to decide which one he preferred.
#2- Funyuns or Doritos?
#3- (two matchbox cars) pizza van or hot rod? 
#4- m&m's or skittles?

In the last sack, #5, was more candy and more letters that spelled out the girls name and a note that said "I would prefer to go to Preference with you."

Feb 19, 2018

I Love You Day!

The sweet Activity Day girls heart-attacked our door, 
along with this m&m rice crispy treat getting our Valentine's Day off to the perfect start.
 Of course we were up late making Valentine boxes.
 Kami went with a unicorn this year
and luckily Kaitlyn decided to recycle Kami's from last year.
There were roses for me from my sweetheart, and lots of candy and cards, and even a late night (10:30) doorbell ditch of some yummy-looking brownies for Cory. 
We definitely were feeling the love.

Feb 16, 2018


We've added another driver to our "staff". This makes 4. It's really really nice to have 4 people to run all your errands and taxi all the non-drivers around. I love it!