Jan 21, 2018

A Good Sign

from Walk with Me, April 2017 General Conference

Jan 19, 2018

New Do

 Kaitlyn has been asking me for months to take her to get her hair trimmed before she turned into Crystal Gayle. (I might have thrown in the part about looking like Crystal Gayle. She has no idea who she is, and if you don't know who Crystal Gayle is either, you must under the age of 30 and you will need to Google her.) Seriously though!

Jan 18, 2018


Today Miss Kami turns 11 years old. 

Jan 17, 2018

Words of a Prophet

On Tuesday, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced Russell M. Nelson as the 17th President of the Church, and his counselors Dallin H Oaks and Henry B Eyring.

My first thought as I watched that announcement was, "Yes! I sustain, support, and love these men!"

Jan 16, 2018

San Antonio

Part 2 of our Birthday Trip
My favorite part of our Texas Birthday trip was the day we spent in San Antonio. This was my first time to ever set foot in this city, and it was love at first sight. Seriously! I fell in love with all the old buildings and houses, and I loved seeing the trolleys and the cobblestone streets.